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Meet the Doctors at My Family Dental Clawson

They have the best staff around. It's very clean, painless and relaxing. They are incredibly patient, kind and truly care about the clients. They made me feel very comfortable and calm. I finally found the best dental office! I wish I could give 10 stars, because they deserve it!!* Clawson Dentists: Family Dentistry | My Family Dental Clawson - sphoto Sandy H Google Review Clawson Dentists: Family Dentistry | My Family Dental Clawson - five-stars-google

Clawson Dentists: Family Dentistry | My Family Dental Clawson - clawsoncall1The Best, Pain-Free Dentist in Clawson!

My Family Dental has teamed up with DaVinnci Dental to provide our patients with the very best in dental services.

Not only do we have talented dentists and hygienists, we have an amazing staff that cares for the comfort of every one of our patients. We use the latest in technology and techniques to provide a quick and pain-free dental visit.

Regular dental checkups are important to your oral health and your health in general. Your dentist is often the first to identify oral cancer and heart disease. Why not schedule a regular dental checkup today? My Family Dental in Clawson offers the best in general family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, $499 implants, sedation dentistry, dental emergencies and more. If you need a restoration, filling, veneers, teeth whitening or a complete smile makeover, My Family Dental in Clawson is the leading dental practice in your neighborhood. Call (248) 435-9215 and schedule an appointment today! We look forward to seeing you!

Afraid To Visit the Dentist?

You’re not alone! But fear not. The compassionate team at My Family Dental in Clawson, MI, will make sure you have the most comfortable appointment possible. We offer sedation dentistry, which means we can help you relax with medication before the cleaning or dental work begins, or an IV for complete sleep sedation. We’ll do whatever we need to do to make you as comfortable as possible. It’s one of the reasons My Family Dental centers are the most trusted dentists in Michigan.

We’re All Smiles with Invisible Braces

Clawson Dentists: Family Dentistry | My Family Dental Clawson - Invisible_BracesA Perfect Solution to Crooked or Misaligned Teeth

You will no longer have to bear the brackets and ugly wires being plastered across your teeth when you need braces for several years. Invisible braces are the newest, most discreet way to straighten your teeth and correct overbites. My Family Dental Clawson has technology that eliminated the need for messy impressions. With our 3M intraoral scanner, we can create your invisible braces by simply taking a scan of your teeth. For invisible braces to work, you will be fitted with a series of aligners that slowly make small adjustments to your teeth until they are in a perfectly straight formation.