What is a Frenectomy?

Frenectomy: Michigan Treatment & Symptoms Assessment | My Family Dental - fren01A frenectomy is a basic oral surgical procedure, performed in our office, that removes a frenum from the mouth.

A frenum is a small muscular attachment that connects two pieces of oral tissue. 


Labial Frenum

A labial frenum connects your upper or lower lip to the gum between your middle teeth. For most people, this tissue is not noticeable.

We typically recommended that our patients allow the permanent teeth to grow in before a determination is made to remove the labial frenum. The frenum may be removed if you are experiencing pain to the upper lip and gums, or if the labial frenum causes a large gap between your teeth that cannot be corrected with braces.

Lingual Frenum

A lingual frenum is the muscular tissue that connects the bottom of your tongue to the floor of your mouth. In some cases, the tissue extends to the tip of the tongue, restricting the ability to eat or speak. A lingual frenectomy is performed only if a child is unable to eat or speak properly.

Patients choosing to undergo a frenectomy will experience a better quality of life. They will be more comfortable, be able to eat properly and speak clearly - and will be able to display a more confident, gap-free smile.

How Does a Frenectomy Improve Your Smile?

Frenectomies are performed on patients of all ages, though we generally wait until the two front adult teeth have fully erupted before scheduling a procedure. A tongue frenectomy may need to occur at an early age.

Leaving a tight or short frenum attachment untreated sometimes leads to oral complications like:

  • Gum recession
  • Spacing between teeth
  • Difficulty eating or speaking
  • Inability to fully close the mouth
  • Developmental problems
  • Impaired nasal breathing
  • Problems with dentures
  • Cosmetic concerns

Gentle Laser Frenectomies Offer Oral Health Benefits and Lasting Results

We take great care to ensure frenectomy procedures are as comfortable and convenient as possible. Patient comfort is further enhanced through our use of gentle laser techniques. With laser, you or your family member can experience a relatively painless, quick procedure. Recovery time is minimal as no incisions or sutures are typically required.

Benefits of a gentle laser frenectomy procedure include:

  • Better orthodontic results
  • Proper jaw development in children
  • Improved eating and speaking 
  • Elimination of pain or discomfort
  • Reduction in mouth breathing
  • Improved brushing and flossing techniques
  • Decreased risk of decay and trauma
  • Closure of gap between front teeth

If you are considering a frenectomy procedure for your child, contact us for a free consultation!

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