Implant Supported (Snap On) Dentures

Missing Multiple Teeth? Affordable Implant- Supported Dentures in Southeast, MI May Be Your Answer!

Denture Implants Michigan: Implant Supported Dentures | My Family Dental - denture01Full-arch tooth loss is a problem affecting millions of Americans.

About 12 million older adults are missing a full arch of teeth, while nearly 23 million have lost all of their teeth. If you suffer from multiple tooth loss, you likely have trouble biting, chewing or speaking.

You may also have noticed changes in how your teeth fit together or in your appearance. Implant-supported dentures from My Family Dental are a more permanent option to traditional dentures. They offer the comfortable, secure tooth replacement solution you need to enjoy a healthy, attractive smile.

Snap-On Dentures (Implant-Supported Dentures) vs Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures present many disadvantages - irreversible bone loss, gum disease and frequent bad breath - that can be avoided with implant-supported dental restorations. Additionally, implant-supported dentures enhance your quality of life and confidence without  the worry about loose and uncomfortable dentures that require special care and frequent repairs.

A fixed dental implant-supported denture is an artificial prosthesis that replaces all of your teeth. 

Implant-supported dentures offer the following benefits over traditional dentures:

  • Permanent option
  • Look and function like real teeth
  • Greater comfort and convenience
  • Do not rest on the gums
  • Do not shift, click or make noise
  • Do not need paste or adhesives
  • Do not irritate soft tissues
  • Offer a stable, solid bite
  • Help preserve bone tissue

Care for Your Implant-Supported Dentures

A fixed dental implant-supported denture is a permanent restoration that can only be removed by one of the dentists at the My Family Dental centers. Unlike removable dental implant-supported dentures, fixed dentures are designed to be cleaned by the patient.

Implant Supported Partial Dentures

A dental implant-fixed denture involves the surgical placement of four to six dental implants into the jawbone. These are then used to support a temporary dental bridge or denture through the healing process, during which time the dental implants naturally fuse with the jawbone. Final teeth are set three to four months following the dental implant placement. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss implant-supported dentures!

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"This place is great. I hope you get the chance to work with Dr. Alsaidi. The first thing you'll notice about him and the staff is that they're super helpful and friendly. If you ever have work done there, you'll see firsthand what a consummate professional he is. I just had a dental implant and bone graft done earlier today and have to say they really prioritized my comfort during the procedure, continually checking up on me throughout. It turned out very well. Then, quite unexpectedly, Dr. Alsaidi called me, himself, tonight, to make sure it's all okay and to answer questions. This was well beyond what I'd come to expect from medical professionals."

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