Dr. El Mahrouky

Dr. Ahmed El Mahrouky of Southfield Family Dental Center

Dentist Dr. El Mahrouky: Southfield Family Dental | My Family Dental - elmaroucky02There are few dentists in Metro Detroit with more education and skill than Dr. El Mahrouky.

Born and raised in Egypt, he pursued his passion by obtaining his dental degree from the prominent Tanta University followed by his Master’s degree in Oral Science. He then obtained his Doctorate in Dental Surgery degree in the United States from the University of Illinois where he continued his specialized training by completing the school’s rigorous residency program in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. El Mahrouky has applied his international training, skills, and expertise to thousands of patients whose smiles are brighter and healthier because of Dr. El Mahrouky’s passion. “I’ve spent my career dedicated to helping people enjoy life more because they have the healthy and beautiful smile they deserve.”

When he is not bringing smiles to his patients’ faces, Dr. El Mahrouky can be found bring smiles to his wife and kids’ faces with whom he enjoys spending time playing soccer, having family BBQs and traveling.

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